British flagTerms, Conditions and Responsibilities

Terms, Conditions and Responsibilities

An application & deposit of $400 is required to hold your spot on a tour. See the payment center link for payment options. You may pay your deposit or payment balances by check. Deposits are non-refundable. If we can fill your place, your deposit will be refunded in full. If requested, deposits may be held, to be applied to a future tour on a case by case basis.
Full price tour balances are due at least 60 days previous to your tour start date. If cancellation of your tour is received less than 60 days prior to departure then 70% of the total tour cost will be non-refundable. Travel insurance may be a good idea.

Reserve your Round trip flight to the Heathrow England airport. Based on the tour group you sign up for. Very Important Note: Pick a flight which leaves your location on day one of your tour and will arrive the next morning, no later than 12:30 PM.
Important: Schedule your return flight to leave from Heathrow any time after 12 noon, for the afternoon on the departure day! If you arrange your flights on other then these normal Dates or times, extra transportation fees will apply. You may need to provide and pay for your own transportation to or from the airport, or Some people arrive a day early or stay An extra day near the airport if needed.

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended for coverage of above expenses when cancellation is due to illness or accident. Other travel insurance, such as baggage and flight insurance, may be available From your airlines

By applying and participating in a England metal detecting adventure tour, You are required and agree to the following conditions for the exporting of any coins/ artefacts found whilst on tour. Roy has set out the information below: Roy has the export licenses forms required to send artefacts out of the UK. After the tour has ended you are required to put all your finds over 50 years old in a bag with your details on it. Roy will then examine your finds and then apply on your behalf for the export license. If any of the artefacts are of greater importance then they can be taken into the local museum where experts will ID and record the item giving you a greater depth of information. The Application normaly takes between four to 12 months or so to be assessed. Once the application has been granted the item will be mailed to the finder with the license attached by secure mail. If any of the items are of great national importance and a license is not granted then the finder still owns the item but it can't be taken out of the country, choices here could be to sell the item or leave it on show in a museum. If a treasure trove is discovered, English law prevails, and the "find" becomes the property of the crown. However, the finder is entitled to receive a reward for full market value, & this reward is split with the land owner. Any information on the treasure trove can be found in the leaflet "The Treasure Act" printed in the UK for the department for Culture, Media and Sport DCMSJ0229NL. July 1997. Or for summery information on the Treasure Act, please see the treasure act page. Or Click on the The Treasure Act of England link on the Treasure Hunting England Links page, for more detailed information.
We respectfully ask all participants on our tours to follow a few simple rules. Please make sure that you Fill all holes you dig , And replace pasture divots green side up and heeled in. Remove trash as you dig it , Do not re-bury your trash or leave it on the surface, especially plough shares which can damage farm machinery. Be sure to stay within the designated search area and fields offered, and do not trespass onto other fields or farms.

England Detecting Adventure! acts only as agent for the client with respect to transportation and accommodations and exercises every care possible. It's officers and employees, tour hosts, or any other persons or vendors connected with the tour shall not under any circumstances be liable to the client or by any reason responsible directly or indirectly for any accidents, injury, delay, damage or inconvenience caused to the client by negligence of others, by malfunctions of transportation systems or equipment, by changes or cancellations, Futhermore, England Detecting Adventure and its associates shall not be held responsible for the cancellation of a tour when the situation is caused beyond our control such as government restrictions, threat of animal or bird diseases, perceived or actual terrorist activity, civil unrest and adverse weather conditions and understand that every tour client absolves the tour hosts and their associates from all liability of the above. In the event of illness or injury of a client, tour hosts and personnel will do their utmost to lend assistance or call the emergency services but shall not be held responsible for administering or not administering medicine or first aid, and the client hereby releases the above mentioned corporation and persons from any and all such liability. The airline(s) concerned are not held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time passengers are not on their planes or conveyances. The passenger's contract in use by the airlines concerned, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the air carriers and the purchaser of this adventure. Any and/or all transportation companies herein mentioned shall not have or incur any responsibility to any traveler aside from their liability as common carriers. Baggage is the owner's risk entirely. By forwarding the deposit, the passenger certifies that he/she does not have any mental, physical, or any other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/her self or other clients. England Detecting Adventure participants realize the hazards of traveling by foot over rural terrain and plowed fields and accept the responsibility and risks of this type of activity. In consideration of and as part payment for the right to participate in such an adventure the client agrees to assume all of the above risks and agrees that such payment shall also constitute consent to all provisions contained herein. Also, it is understood that England Detecting Adventures make no guarantee, explicit or implied, as to the number or value of artifacts, coins, jewelry that the participant could find while detecting, but will try to provide the very best locations and sites available to them to insure the continued success of their hunts. The above corporation reserves the right to make any alterations to the itinerary as may be deemed necessary to carry out the adventure. Air and land costs are subject to change without notice. Air fare has a minimum stay of seven days and a maximum stay of twenty-one days. Other rules may also apply. Service of any A.R.C. or I.A.T.A. carrier may be used in conjunction with this adventure.