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As Roy says, "Past civilizations, such as the Celts, Vikings, Romans, Saxons, and Normans, lost all their gear." He will lead you on a quest for lost ancient and medieval coins, jewelry, thimbles, buckles, broaches, and who-knows-what. These coin and artifact discovery tours, are designed for true detectorists who want the thrill of treasure hunting in England

This tour Is compliant with the UK treasure act. Export Licenses are required to take your finds out of the country.
On the last night of the tour, with Roy's help, we all fill out the export forms listing our finds. Roy takes the forms and your finds to the museum. Your finds are photographed, Looked at, Recorded, and then the export licenses may be granted. Roy then mails you your finds along with the approved export license forms, or you may elect to receive them when you come over next time. Finds that are considered treasure are handled according to the UK treasure act. For more info on what this is, and how it may apply to you, please review this link

After you have studied all the pages of this web site and still have questions, you can send an e-mail just click on the e-mail link on the bottom of the web pages. You will be contacted back soon.

On these England metal detecting tours Roy helps you identify your treasure finds each day

Some folks Come to England a day or two early, and on their own, visit the British Museum and Museum of London to increase their appreciation and knowledge of Roman and Medieval history, coins and artifacts. There are opportunities to select a variety of places to visit and tour during the course of your travels. A continuous exchange of information and history will be presented. Remember, though, that Roy's number one concern is to keep you on the fields detecting as much as possible. He's been detecting for decades and will be happy to share his metal detecting stories and expertise with you. Remember, also that these will be hands-on experiences. Expect to get your hands dirty!


England Detecting Adventure!