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With Roy and Mark as your personal guides you are ensured a great England Detecting Adventure!

Roy and Mark are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and well-qualified to guide you to the most promising sites in England.

Born in London, with over forty years of detecting experience, Roy's historical knowledge of select sites is phenomenal. He knows all the good places to go metal detecting. Mark as your field guide, Is ready to assist you in the farmers fields. The farmlands where you will be treasure hunting are where the bulk of Celtic, Roman and Medieval goods have been found over the past decade. Over these last ten years the treasure trove committee has recommended more payments to finders of hoards discovered in East Anglia (Fenlands) than in any other part of England. The areas where you will detect are in the midst of these discoveries. Remember, Roy and Mark are constantly seeking out and acquiring new fields to detect on.

Mark has many metal detecting hints tips to share
                    with you in the field.

Whether your interests are treasure cache hunting, public beaches metal detecting, or artifact/coin hunting on farmers fields, having Mark & Roy as your personal guides, gives you many advantages for treasure hunting England.On their England Metal Detecting Tours, they are able to tailor each adventure to the tastes and requirements of the individuals in the group. This is a truly hands-on customized artifact discovery experience. This will increase your chances for discovering treasure. They will assist in identifying your finds and have the export license forms available for the export process as required. Roy also has many metal detecting stories he can share, all you have to do is ask. On these England Detecting Tours Mark & Roy are your co-guides.

In November 1992 a hoard was discovered in Hoxne, Suffolk. The British Museum stated, "It is without a doubt one of the most important finds of Roman treasure ever made in Britain." The find included 14,780 coins, 29 gold objects, and 185 silver items, valued at 1.75 million Pounds. You will be searching in the general proximity of this discovery. If a treasure trove is discovered, English law prevails, and the "find" becomes the property of the Crown. However, the finder is entitled to receive a "Reward" for full market value, which is split with the land owner.

It is difficult to place a price on an adventure that allows a person the opportunity to find and possess coins and artifacts. "Finds" may be priceless to the lucky Treasure hunter. And the memories of the detecting adventures are priceless in themselves.

With Roy and Mark as your personal guides you are insured great England Detecting Tours full of fun and Adventure!

In regards to the treasures you can discover while metal detecting England,
"It's like fishing for world record Bass every day in a lake that is full of them."

Artifact and coin finds shown as examples from treasure hunting England

England Detecting Adventure!
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